Looking back at the best Holi moments from our favorite television serial, Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Best Moments From The Holi Special Episodes

Star Plus’ TV serial Ishqbaaz may have ended but the memories are still alive. We got to celebrate and live every festival with the Oberois in the last three years of the show. Holi, just like any other festival was celebrated with aplomb in the Oberoi household.

The Holi special episodes have always bought lots of drama but also lots of love. The romance and flirting between Shivaay-Anika, Rudra-Bhavya & Omkara-Gauri was a delight.

So, let’s recall our favorite moments from the Ishqbaaz Holi Special Episodes over the years.

Oberois Get High After Having ‘Bhang’

Bhang to bring out shocking secrets of Oberois in Ishqbaaaz

The 2018 Holi episode of Ishqbaaz saw all the Oberois trying to feed each other bhang and ultimately end up getting high themselves. The best part came when they all gathered together in a circle and made some major shocking confessions like – Anika confessed that there was no Kumari Rosie Rani, Saumya said she was trying to break Rudra’s marriage to tie the knot with him and Veer confesses he is the real cousin of the Oberois.

Fortunately or unfortunately, all were under influence and none of them remembered anything the next day!

Holi Masti

The elderly Oberois pull a prank on the three brothers by showering them in colors from all sides. The whole family came together to celebrate, tease each other lovingly and smear colors on each other’s faces. The nokh jokh between the girls and the brothers never gets old to watch and something that we miss the most about this show.

Colors of Love

Apart from the pranks and masti, Ishqbaaz Holi Special Episodes also gave us a lot of romantic moments between all the lead pairs. The love quotient was certainly on the rise. Our favorite Shivaay and Anika were not just high on bhang but also high on love.

Remember their first holi after marriage when Anika applies color on Shivaay but gets upsets when he fails to return the favor. And so he does something even more romantic by rubbing his colored cheek on her cheek. And she feels bad about Shivaay having to celebrate away from his family, he consoles her saying ‘You’re my family’. Aww.. my heart!

Tell us your favorite Ishqbaaz Holi moment!

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