FRIENDS is one of the popular TV show with lot of comic scenes and characters. Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing are two of them. They can come with hilarious jokes at any time. Tell us whose jokes you like more?

Joey Tribbiani or Chandler Bing: Who makes you laugh the most in FRIENDS?

The FRIENDS fan all over the world got suddenly hyped up the reunion news recently. It is an American TV show with ten seasons. The TV show is about six friends: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross who live in an apartment with a purple backdrop. They had their own coffee shop named Central Park.

Joey never shares food. The FRIENDS fan knows it well. The characters Joey and Chandler always come up with humorous jokes every time.
In Season 2, Episode 15, (“The One Where Ross and Rachel … You Know”) Chandler replied, “Maybe he was nervous” when Ross said, “Australopithecus was never fully erect.” The scene was full of a series of jokes.

In Season 5, Episode 11, (“The One With All the Resolutions”) Ross was saying his new year resolution, “I’m gonna make myself happy.” When Chandler came up with a reply, “Do you want us to leave the room?”

We all remember the scene from one of the episodes where Phoebe said, “One of my clients died today on the massage table.”Chandler replied, “Well that’s a little more relaxed than you wanted him to get.”

There was another joke by Joey when he tried to appear younger: “So, you’re playing a little Playstation, huh? That’s whack. Playstation is whack. ‘Sup with the whack Playstation, ‘sup? Huh? Come on, am I 19 or what?”

Both characters are equally funny in the show. But, who makes you laugh more? Let us know.

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