If Joey had to stay in one place, this is what he would do…

This is what Joey from Friends would do if quarantined

Friends is one of the most-watched American sitcoms. It’s been 15 years the last episode of the show aired but this show can be watched innumerable times and still be funny. Joey was one of the most celebrated and loved characters on the show who loved eating, would date numerous women and would do anything for his friend. If the series was on now and Joey had to stay home quarantined, he would still be enjoying the time like no other.

Joey loved eating food and would anything edible. If he would be quarantined, he would probably stock up as many buckets of chicken, packets of chips and crates of beer as possible. If he would run out of all this, he would feed on all the possible sauces and salad dressings available at home. Apart from this, he would sit on his favourite recliner chair Rosita and watch TV continuously without moving from his place. Another thing he would do is find a way to spend time with his friends while maintaining the required distance. Joey would make it sure to scare Chandler from his room and keep his entertainment on. The only thing he would miss is going out on dates.

Well, Joey would have his share of fun even during a lockdown and we could do the same!

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