The lovey-dovey couple recently celebrated eight years of courtship in Dubai.

Khushank Arora and Ojaswi Aroraa’s ‘romantic escapade’ in Dubai

The much-in-love couple Khushank Arora and Ojaswi Aroraa have recently returned from an extremely romantic escapade!! To celebrate love and to enjoy their togetherness – being the sole motto of the trip, is what they say, when we ask them about it!

Aww!! Yes, why not? The two of them recently celebrated 8 years of their glorious courtship and this certainly was reason enough to raise a toast!!

Khushank and Ojaswi went to Dubai for a week long holiday and have come back with zeal to carry forward their loving journey together…

Says Khushank, “We hardly get time to spend with each other due to our hectic schedules. We wanted to celebrate our 8 years of courtship in style. And we brought it with lot of thrill, love, partying and shopping.”

Aww!! How cute…

The best part is that both of them happen to be travel junkies and love to explore new countries…

Adds Ojaswi, “We chose Dubai for our 7 day holiday as it is the perfect blend of adventurous thrill, romance, partying and shopping. In the past we have trotted to several locations like Europe, South Africa, Spain, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia. We are flybirds and if given a chance we would be travelling all our lives, only if it could fetch us our bread and butter as well (laughs).”

“The best part was that Khushank has been to Dubai before our marriage, so he knew where to party, where to shop etc. He is very good at planning,” adds the proud wife crediting her husband for the fabulous trip.

Here’s wishing you both many many blissful years of togetherness!!


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