Cute pair Shrey and Jinal to get into an argument in MTV Splitsvilla X2

MTV Splitsvilla X2: Cute pair Shrey and Jinal to get into an argument

With its entry into the 5th week, MTV Splitsvilla X2 brings a new weekly test your bond challenge called Give me Butterflies– where each team will consist of two girls and one boy. The task will be between two pairs- Alfez vs Shivam and Ankush vs Piyush. One of the girls will be blindfolded and will have to pick a butterfly with the instruction of the boy. On the other side the other girl will suck the nectar through a pipe to stick the butterflies on the boys’ body. Once the butterflies are collected the boys will take it to the other girls where they will stick the nectar on the butterfly and then stick it on the boys with the help of a fly swatter. After sticking the butterfly the boys will have to run back on the other side to give it back to the girls who are blindfolded and the girls will have to take the butterfly out with the help of a tweezer. Whoever is able to take the maximum butterflies back to the blindfolded girl will win.

Soon after the task, the contestants start planning on whom to vote out in the dome. The dome session in the evening will see a dramatic fight between Piyush and Ankush. Also the girls – Bhavya & Miesha gang up against Hridya. To everyone’s surprise in the villa, the cute pair – Shrey and Jinal end up having an argument, where Jinal is upset with Shrey for not trusting and backing her when needed. What will scare Miesha for losing her powers as the chosen one?

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