Ashish and Miesha vs Shrey and Priyamvada – An intriguing grand finale of MTV Splitsvilla X2

MTV Splitsvilla X2: All you need to know about the grand finale

MTV Splitsvilla X2, one of the most famous TV reality shows, is all set for the grand finale.

As per the format, the contestants have to perform certain tasks to prove their worth to be the Chosen Ones. Before that, they have to go before the Oracle, where the pair will be told whether they are an Ideal Match or not.

Ashish-Miesha and Shrey-Priyamvada fought to survive in the game and have finally reached the last stage of the grand finale.

Here we tell you everything about the grand finale.

Ashish-Miesha and Shrey-Priyamvada will be given a chance to spend some quality time together. They will go on a romantic date. The two girls will express their feelings and give kisses to their partners.

Later, the two will be ready to perform the final task. The ex-contestants will be seen cheering for Ashish-Miesha and Shrey-Priyamvada. At the end of the task, Ashish will fall from the plank. This will be a shocking moment for all. However, he will buck up to win the title.

Soon, hosts Rannvijay and Sunny Leone will reveal that there is only a 26-sec difference between the two couples.


Who will win the title?

Watch this space for all the excitement of Splitsvilla X2.

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