Contestant Hiba Trablessi has been in the news for her inspiring yet shocking story where everyone in the villa applauded for the brave heart that she is! But in the previous episode, we witnessed that whilst the contestants had to make two teams to play a Kabaddi match, no one asked Hiba and she was left alone. Eventually, Hiba was the joker in the game and could replace anyone in the game at any point in time.
Hiba doesn’t have a connection to the show and often feels left out by the other contestants participating with her. In the upcoming episodes, we will see that the girls will have to team up to perform a task, and Hiba being left alone again. These repeated occurrences result in her feeling very upset with her co-participants. That’s when Moose steps in and decides to stand by her.

Moose says “All these girls who wanted her support in the last game, who took her help, these girls are all fake. Everyone plays according to their convenience and when they wanted Hiba, they took advantage of her. Today, when she is left alone and confused, you guys don’t want to step in. I don’t mind pairing up with Hiba if anyone doesn’t want to.”

While this move by Moose shows empathy and humility, it goes very well with her outspoken attitude.