BB13 star Paras Chhabrra dropped some really intriguing pictures and videos from his recent trip to Leh Ladakh, the actor who is still vacationing in Leh, opened up his trosseau of memories and shared some of the best moments of being into the lap of scintillating scenic beauty like Leh Ladakh.

The actor who always wanted to go and experience what is it being like in Leh spoke about his experience of being into that place. Paras shares “It was a pre-planned decision, This year was quite taxing on the work front and I actually did not get a chance to unwind myself and I truly believe that travelling rejuvenates you. Perhaps, I and my bestfriend Mahira Sharma made a plan of visiting Leh for a short vacay which is blessed with abundance of everything”

Furthermore he added “Everything in Ladakh is a special memory and we are creating more each and every day. Right from the trek to river rafting and waking up to an excellent view everyday”

The actor who has was staying in Chandigarh for a very long time now, spoke about his plans of coming back to the illustrious city. He said “I will come back to Mumbai soon, I am shooting for a project here and I don’t want to exhaust myself by straddling which is why I shifted to Chandigarh till the commencement of my project”

On the work front, the actor is shooting for some great Punjabi music videos and might plan to shoot for a web show soon.