Paras Chhabra, an Ex-Bigg Boss contestant has caught the attention of his fans, with his sudden weight gain. However, bringing light on the issue, the actor has revealed that he gained weight because he has been getting anxiety attacks.

In an interview, he said, “I am gaining weight because of two reasons – one because I had a liver infection which made me swell up and secondly after I came out of the Bigg Boss house, I started getting anxiety attacks. I was taking anti-anxiety pills and so I would sleep a lot and have gained weight post that.”

He added, “I am now going to lose weight naturally by gymming and exercising. I have started work on my fitness and will be back in form soon. Earlier I had planned to do hardcore gymming with the help of supplements but my family members, most of whom are doctors, have asked me to stay away from anything like that. They have advised me to shed weight naturally and I am now following their advice only.” As quoted by HT.