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Know If You’re A True Fan Of The Show

Are You A True Fan Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi? Take A Test

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the most-loved television daily soaps across the country. The show has a huge fan base of its own. The show is loved so much that its story line is still engraved in our minds. The daily soap was loved dearly, mainly due to its interesting story line and unexpected plot twists, and not to forget its amazing actors and actresses.

Just as we mentioned above, the show has a fan base of its own, which consists of millions of fans across the country. What we find amusing is the fact that each one of those fans claims that they are the biggest fan of the show. Do you think you’re a big fan of the show? If yes, take the test we’ve prepared for you below. The ease with which you get through will determine the result.

Q1- When was the first episode of the show screened?

Q2- What role does Shaheer Sheikh play on the show?

Q3- Which channel was the show aired on?

Q4- Who plays the role of Sonakshi on the show?

Q5- What is Sonakshi’s profession on the show?

Q6- For what purpose does Dev appoint Sonakshi to Ishwari?

Q7- Who is Natasha?

Q8- How many seasons did the show have altogether?

Q9- What does Dev do when he realizes that his mother doesn’t like Sonakshi?

Q10- When was the last episode of the show aired?

Did you get through all of the ten questions above with ease? If yes, CONGRATULATIONS! You truly are a big fan of the show. Stay tuned with us for more such exciting quizzes and updates on your favourite shows and celebs.

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