Urfi Javed shot to fame with her stint in the Bigg Boss OTT. Since then, the actress got popular on her social media too. While some love her for her personality, some hate her for her unconventional fashion choices. But it’s definitely fair to affirm that Urfi’s fashion choices truly are bizarre. But what’s to take note of, is the fabulous confidence she puts in whenever she goes out in her exceptional outfits on board.

Speaking of that, earlier Urfi opened up on how she was labelled as Porn Star. Opening up in an interview with India Today, she spoke about how she doesn’t want to gain popularity with nudity, “No. What I do is experiment with fashion. I express myself in terms of fashion. I don’t want to gain popularity by going nude. I just love fashion. Even if I look good, I won’t go naked for a photoshoot. People think I want to show skin, but it’s not like that. I also wear sarees and salwar suits. I like to dress up, so I don’t think I would be comfortable going nude. However, I would be very comfortable wearing a bikini.”

She also talked about body positivity, saying, “I don’t photoshop my pictures, so some days my paunch is visible, or I look bloated. I also gained a lot of weight recently, so people used to tease me about getting slim. First of all, this is what human bodies are supposed to look like. No one is supposed to have a flat stomach 24/7. I don’t believe in what the world says. If I want to eat a pizza, I definitely will, even if my stomach comes out. I work out because I want to be active, not because I want a flat stomach. The expectations set by magazines and social media are so high. I want to be the change. Girls should be okay with having a normal body. It’s okay to have marks and pimples. If I am affected by it, how will I inspire other girls?”