Rupali Ganguly, the lead actress in the TV show Anupama, is wreaking havoc on people’s hearts and minds with her outstanding performance. People adore her as Anupama, and the program is performing exceptionally well in terms of TRP numbers.

Rupali, sometimes known as Anupamaa, is a popular television character. Her powerful performance drew the attention of the media and the spectators. Rupali rose to prominence after appearing on the comic program ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai.’ In the comedy program, she portrayed the role of Monisha. She even appeared in Season 3 of KKK. She is, however, well known and adored for her part in Anupamaa.

On the program, the actor, who is constantly dressed in traditional attire, is highly active on Instagram and shares several looks with her followers. Rupali has now revealed to the public her gorgeous side. She posted a photo on her Instagram account, which has received a lot of love and praise from her followers.

If ethnic garb isn’t your style, match your stilettos with a stunning shimmer dress. Don’t think twice about it; just grab it and glam it up as Rupali Ganguly does.

We’re all for breaking fashion norms, so if you think sequins can’t be worn during the day, you’ll think again after viewing these ideas for wearing sequins throughout the day and night from Rupali Ganguly. For all the ladies who are only used to wearing sequins at night, we understand that you may be wondering how to wear sequins during the day and that it is not for the faint of heart, but achieving the effect is very simple.