Interesting twist in Bhakharwadi

Bhakharwadi: Mahendra shifts to Anna’s house

SAB TV’s latest show ‘Bhakharwadi’, Gokhale Family (Marathi) and Thakkar Family (Gujarati) seem to have conflicts over the very famous food item, Bhakharwadi.

As the show continues to leave the audiences bursting with laughter, since its launch, we notice each character resonating to the different flavors one gets to experience in a Bhakharwadi, making this show a complete entertainer with all the masalas.

As per the plot, Anna and Mahendra families have approved of the engagement of Abhishek and Gayatri.

Now, in the coming episode, Mahendra’s house ceiling will leak and it would require repairing. Soon, they will come to a solution wherein Mahendra’s family will shift to Anna’s house for some time.

Later, Mahendra will get irritated with few happening at the Gokhale family. He would complain about certain problems. This will make Anna angry at him.

It would be a fun drama for the audience to watch!

Are you excited to watch the same?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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