The show will air an interesting twist

Eklavya to be trapped in a bottle by an evil spirit

BIG Magic’s magnum opus mythological show Shaurya Veer Eklavya Ki Gatha been appreciated among the masses for its enthralling concept. The umpteen twists and turns in the track make the storyline more interesting. In the upcoming episode of the show we will get to see Eklavya being trapped by the evil spirit and how bravely he fights back.

A source close to the production house informs us about the forthcoming track line, “Eklavya gets to another trip where he finds an antic magical lamp. Blown by the beauty of the lamp, Eklavya rubs the lamp and a spirit comes out of it who requests the little brave boy to wish for the things that he wants to see coming true in his life. Out of which the spirit would grant 3 of his desires.”

“Eklavya refuses to wish for anything and in anger the spirit turns out to be an evil and wants to take revenge from Eklavya and his clan. With his evil motive, the spirit traps Eklavya in the bottle” concludes the source.

How will Eklavya save himself from the evil plotting of the spirit? To know more, stay tuned to Shaurya Veer Eklavya KI Gatha every Monday to Friday at 7:30pm only on BIG Magic.

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