A Godman related story is what Krishna will get to resolve in the BIG Magic show.

Krishna to solve the mystery related to a ‘Godman’ in BIG Magic’s Chakradhari Ajaya Krishna

BIG Magic’s mythological presentation, Chakradhari Ajaya Krishna produced by Filmfarm India will witness a three part story which will revolve around the mysterious acts done by a God man!!

Krishna (Vishal Jethwa) would come face to face with the mystery when he will bump into a mute lady who would be crying, fearing her own death and this will open up the story in a nice way.

As per sources, “This story in the show will also send out a social message that one must always be careful of the self-acclaimed God-men.”

The climax of the story we hear, will be very interesting as there will be a huge fight between Shiv and Ganesh with Krishna being on Ganesh’s side. It will be an entertaining twist to know what would have made the father and son clash with each other…

We buzzed Vishal Jethwa aka Krishna, but he remained unavailable for comment.

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