Chandrakanta's life in danger…

Kroor Singh to confine Chandrakanta in a bottle in Life OK’s Chandrakanta

Life OK’s popular show Chandrakanta (Triangle Films) will see a huge twist with Chandrakanta’s life being in danger.

We hear in the upcoming episode Kroor Singh will capture Chandrakanta (Kritika Kamra) in a bottle.

As per reliable source, “On one hand, Ratnagarbha (Gungun Uprari) will learn about Jwala Singh, twin brother of Kroor Singh (Chandan Anand), being the real murderer of Surendra Singh (Sandeep Mohan). She will overhear both the brothers talking and laughing loudly about the murder plan.”

While later, Kroor Singh will capture Chandrakanta in a bottle and Jaiditya (Rohit Chowdhary) and Padvika (Jaswinder Gardner) would search for her in the prison.

OMG! Who will come as a saviour for the poor girl?

Viewers can heavy a sigh of relief as Virendra would save Chandrakanta. Furthermore, Virendra (Gaurav Khanna) will use his bravado to confine Jwala in a bottle.

Will Kroor Singh be able to save his brother?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actors for a comment.

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