Bhola to save Kulfi in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Bhola to save Kulfi

Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha is enthralling audience and is taking entertainment to the next level.

We earlier reported about real Sikandar in the role of Bhola (Mohit Malik) will get a singing opportunity.
Now, in the coming episode, Bhola and Pakhi go out to spend some time. They play a game and Bhola try to find Pakhi. Instead of Pakhi, he meets Pari aka Kulfi.

Kulfi gets happy seeing Sikandar aka Bhola. Even Bhola smiles post seeing the little girl. Later, Kulfi calls him Baba. Soon, Bhola gets angry and tell her that he is Pakhi’s father and not hers. Kulfi feels sad.

While she is leaving, Kulfi is about to fall and Bhola saves her from falling on the ground. Kulfi wonders that he is sure his father Sikandar but he has lost his memory.

How will Kulfi get Bhola’s memory back?

We buzzed the artists but could not get through for a comment.

Watch this space at for more updates.

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