Pushkar to attempt suicide in &TV’s Perfect Pati

Interesting update in &TV’s Perfect Pati

Pushkar to attempt suicide in &TV’s Perfect Pati

Loyal viewers of &TV’s Perfect Pati (Film Farm India) can gear up for some high voltage drama in the coming episode.

As per the plot, Pushkar (Ayush Anand) with the help of Rangeela throws Vidhita’s (Sayali Sanjeev) dead body into the river. The dead body floats and reaches a different city.

Audience will be witnessing a lot of emotional moments.

Shares a source, “Kabir (Mohit Nain) will take the body of Vidhita to the hospital. Upon arrival, the doctor will tell him that she is very critical and that the face is in a very bad condition. Doctor would advice him that they need to operate Vidhita at the earliest.”

Meanwhile, Pushkar will blame himself for Vidhita’s death. He will start pouring kerosene on himself and will try to commit suicide but Rajshree will stop him. Everyone will be in a state of shock and disbelief.

What will happen next?

As we exclusively reported, Sana Amin Sheikh will play the new lead of the show.

We reached out to Ayush, but he was busy shooting.

Watch this space for more updates.

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