Rangeela’s to create trouble for Veer in Life OK’s show...

Rangeela to manipulate Veer in Life OK’s Ghulaam

Loyal viewers of Life OK’s popular drama Ghulaam (Saurabh Tewari’s Parin Multimedia and Rajesh Chadha’s IMRC Entertainment) will see Rangeela (Param Singh) getting back into action.

Audience has already seen Veer’s ill treatment with villagers. Veer (Vikkas Manaktala) has killed Khushi and Phantom (Amit Jaat) too.

Now, Veer will plan to kidnap another bride and will decide to end her life as well.

Well, Rangeela will turn a savior for the poor girl.

As per a reliable source, “Veer will get ready to kidnap the bride but Rangeela and Balam (Aakash Pandey) will resolve to stop Veer from ruining a girl’s life.”

Furthermore, to destroy Veer’s plan, Rangeela will risk his life. He will come wearing a vest fitted with explosives. Rangeela would smartly play his card and manipulate Veer into letting him leave the mansion unhurt. Veer will get shocked with Rangeela’s daredevil act.

What will happen next? Will Rangeela be successful in his plan?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actors for a comment.

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