The show will see an interesting sequence…

Shivdutt on a mission to KILL Virendra in Life OK’s Chandrakanta

Life OK’s popular show Chandrakanta (Triangle Films), which is churning out interesting episodes for viewers, is set to dole out an interesting mind boggling sequence.

Audiences are already aware about Kroor (Chandan Anand) weaving vicious webs to separate Chandrakanta (Kritika Kamra) and Virendra (Gaurav Khanna).

The upcoming episode will see a major drama in the storyline as Maricha (Sudesh Berry) would tell Shivdutt (Ankit Arora) to bring Virendra alive. However, Shivdutt will have other plans in his mind. He will be adamant and would want to kill Virendra.

Meanwhile, we hear Virendra and Chandrakanta will come closer to each other and would promise to stay together forever.

Later, Chandrakanta will try to convince her mother Ratna (Gungun Uprari) on Virendra’s integrity and him being the perfect partner for her.

Meanwhile, Kroor will play his cards and would take Raja Jai Singh (Harsh Vashisht) into confidence, while the fake Ratna would make Jai Singh drink poison.


Who will save Jai Singh? Will the real Ratna learn about the fake one?

We tried connecting with the actors buy they were busy shooting.

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