New trouble in Shrishti’s life…

Shrishti to face society’s humiliation in &TV’s Agnifera

&TV’s Agnifera is gearing up for a major twist in the storyline. The maker (R&R Creations) has already introduced a parallel lead opposite Shrishti (Simar Kaur). Now, loyal viewers will witness Shrishti battling false accusations of the society.

Audiences have already seen Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) and Shrishti moving out of the house.

In the upcoming plot, while Ragini will visit her parent’s place, Shrishti will head towards her friend Shekar’s (Divay Dhamija) house to stay.

On one hand, Anurag (Ankit Gera) will attempt to convince Ragini to return to the family. On the other, Shrishti will face society’s humiliation on being married and staying with some other man. Shrishti will have an emotional breakdown.

What will be Shrishti next step?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Simran for a comment.

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