Vidhita-Pushkar’s alliance in trouble in &TV’s Perfect Pati

Interesting twist in &TV’s Perfect Pati

Vidhita-Pushkar’s alliance in trouble in &TV’s Perfect Pati

&TV’s latest offering Perfect Pati (Film Farm India) has been entertaining audience with intriguing twists and turns.

As per the plot, Asha masaa tries to break the alliance. However, Pushkar (Ayush Anand) speaks to Vidhita (Sayali Sanjeev) and they clear all misunderstandings.

Now, in the drama, Vidhita will be thinking about all the moments spent with Pushkar. Meanwhile, Ashwin would be busy with the wedding preparations. Rajyashree (Jaya Prada) will call Vidhita to go out for shopping. At Vidhita’s house, the byah haath rasam would begin. People will come and shower Vidhita with blessings. On the other hand, Asha will be jealous of everything.

Later, Vidhita and Bela will reach the market. Rajyashree and Meera will take them to one of the shops in the market. Pushkar would also come to the same place. Urvashi will also follow him. Everyone would be busy looking at sarees and dresses. Urvashi will go to Vidhita and tell her quietly that she has something to tell her. But she would fail in her plan. Meanwhile, everyone would be choosing a dress for Vidhita, so would Pushkar. And all of them finally will like Pushkar’s choice for Vidhita.

At Vidhita’s house, Ashwin will get all the wedding preparations done. Badri would come with a bowl of mehendi sent from the Rathod house. Rangeela (Samarth Shandilya) will also be present, looking at all the ongoing preparations. Asha would be waiting for Rangeela in a secluded lane, looking around fearlessly to make sure no one is spying on them.

Meanwhile, Rathod family would have reached Ashwin’s house with all preparations. Urvashi will also come following them to create trouble but Pushkar will quietly take her out of the house.

Will Urvashi manage to break the tie?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Sayali for a comment.

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