Dramatic turn in &TV’s Agnifera

Vishu’s evil plan to kill Srishti’s unborn child in &TV’s Agnifera

&TV’s popular daily Agnifera (R & R Creations) is entertaining audience with interesting twists and turns.

We earlier reported about Srishti (Simran Kaur) being pregnant.

Now, we hear that her unborn child will be in danger.

As per a reliable source, “The family members will celebrate the happy news and would greet her and give their blessings. Meanwhile, Vishu (Mohak Khurana) will be devastated. He would want to kill Srishti’s child hence he would plan an evil move.”

Later, Srishti would be told by the family members to have the prasad. He would, hence, mix a miscarriage pill in Srishti’s prasad.


What will happen next? Will she have the prasad?

Unfortunately, Simran remained unavailable for a comment.

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