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Anupamaa Written Update Episode 93 28th October 2020, we see that Anupamaa ask Vanraj if he loves Kavya. Anupamaa ends her relationship with Vanraj and is worried about how to tell her family about it.

Anupamaa Written Update Ep 93 28th October 2020: Anupamaa wants to know the truth

The Episode starts with Pakhi informing Vanraj that mummy(Anupamaa) is awake. Anupamaa tells kids to go out as she wanted to have a word with Vanraj. Anupamaa asks why? Vanraj exclaims that whatever she saw is not the truth. Anupamaa asks Vanraj if he loves Kavya, she says that he gave her place to Kavya. Anupamaa says that she was thinking wrong in all these 25 years, but not now. Anupamaa says that he can fool children with his lie but not their mother, Vanraj asks her is she will divorce him, Anupamaa replies that she has no idea what she will do, but she knows that the person who does not exist in our heart, he can not be their life too.

Anupamaa removed the Mangalsutra which she had worn 25 years before. Anupamaa says that till today he saw her bending toward everyone, but from now she will keep her self respect. Anupamaa walks out wiping her face, Samar asks he is she is okay. Anupamaa’s mother and Bhavesh arrive to know how is Anupamaa. Bhavesh informs Anupamaa that her mother did not sleep the whole night as she was worried about you.

Anupamaa’s mother asks her why she did not wear her Mangalsutra and Sindhoor. Anupamaa tries to change the topic and ask her mother how she managed to live alone without her papa. Anupamaa’s mother says that of God give pain then he gives strength to overcome the fear too, she also says that a woman can get weak but not a mother. Anupamaa is worried about how to tell her mother about her and Vanraj’s relationship and what will she say.

PRECAP: Anupamaa asks Prachi if she can stay in her room for a few days and ask her to inform Vanraj about it. Bapuji thinks that if the decision is big, then the reason will also be something big.

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