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In Games Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4, the battle has ended, the Night King is dead and the survivors are mourning the lost ones. Daenerys grows restless for the Iron Throne.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Written Update: Survivors prepare to take on Cersei

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 starts with the remaining survivors of the war grieving their loved ones and paying them their last respects. Daenerys mourns for Jorah and places a kiss on his forehead and shares a moment with Jon Snow. At the dinner, Gendry is appointed as the Lord of Storm’s End. Ser Davos informs Tyrion that Melisandre took her own life. Bran has no interest in being the Lord of Winterfell and he tells Tyrion so. A toast is raised in the name of Arya and Dany. Tyrion, Jaime and Brienne play Never Have I Ever. When Tormund praises Jon’s achievements, Dany starts feeling insecure.

When Tyrion lets it slip that Brienne is a virgin, she dashes outside the hall and Jaime stands up to follow her. Tormund tries to stop them but to no avail. Tormund is unhappy over Brienne but soon gets over it when he finds another woman. Sansa and Clegane talk about what happened with Ramsay. Gendry proposes Arya but she refuses.

Brienne loses her virginity to Jaime. Dany and Jon try to reconcile by trying to kiss each other but are reminded of the relationship they share. Dany convinces Jon to keep their lineage a secret but Jon insists he has to tell Sansa and Arya. Dany makes Jon promise to not divulge it if they want to maintain their relationship. Preparation for the last war against Cersie beings. Sansa and Dany have a disagreement where Jon sides with Sansa.

All the Starks confront Jon. Sansa and Arya has doubts over Dany’s real motives when Jon reveals the truth about his lineage. Jaime plans to stay back in Winterfell. Bronn barges in when Tyrion and Jaime are talking. Together they strike a deal that Bronn gets to rule the Highgarden. Clegane and Arya discuss King’s Landing. They both have no plans to come back.

Sansa questions if Dany deserves to be the queen to Tyrion and tells him he is afraid of Dany. She also tells him about Jon’s truth. Jon and Tormund say their farewell. Samwell and Gilly also come in to bid their goodbyes. Jon and Ser Davos leave the King’s Landing.

Tyrion and Varys discuss the possibility of getting Jon and Dany married. Dany’s dragon, Rhaegal gets killed by Euron while Dany escapes. The battle begins as Euron’s fleet attacks Dany’s. Tyrion escapes narrowly. Greyworm notices that Missandei is missing.

Cersei lets the innocents into the Red Keep and lies to Euron that she is pregnant with his child. Euron warns Cersei about Dany’s impending arrival. Cersei kidnaps Missandei. Varys and Tyrion are worries and try to calm down Dany. They discuss whether Jon deserves the throne more and they agree on it. However, Tyrion has faith in Dany to make the right choice. Sansa and Brienne inform Jaime that Dany is defeated and Missandei being kidnapped. Sansa wishes she could have seen Cersie’s execution. A worried Jaime decides to leave for King’s Landing as Brienne asks him not to but he is adamant and leaves.

Along with her army, Dany stands outside King’s Landing while Cersei, Euron with their troops stand on top of the fort. They have Missandei with them. Qyburn and Tyrion negotiate however, no one wants to budge. Tyrion tries to reason with Cersei. The next moment Cersei orders The Mountain to severe Missandei’s head. Dany is furious.

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