The much-awaited final season of Game of Thrones finally kicked off yesterday. Let’s recap…

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Written Update: Family Reunion

The Beginning of the End is here. After a wait of close to two long years, Game of Thrones final season premiered with its first episode that sent fans into a tizzy. For those who missed out, no worries, read along to find exactly what happened in the episode.

But first, let’s go back to the last episode of the last season to freshen up your memory.

Jon Snow and Daenerys think they have successfully convinced Cersei into joining forces in order to fight the Army of dead. But that turns out to be false because Cersei actually plans on betraying them. However, Jamie does not agree with her on it and ends up leaving Cersei to fend for herself with his unborn baby.

Jon and Daenerys then start their journey towards Winterfell to reunite with the Stark siblings – Sansa, Arya and Brandon. They end up sleeping with each other being unaware of their relation with the other. Peter Baelish does not succeed in separating the Stark sisters, Arya & Sansa. He eventually gets executed by them for his evil tricks & plans. Bran and Samwell realize the truth of Jon of the rightful heir to the throne. On the other hand, the Night King succeeds in destroying the Wall with the help of his dragon which allows his army to pass through.

Now, back to the present. Game of Thrones final season starts with Jon Snow & Danerys entering Winterfell along with two dragons and her army. Everyone including Tyrion, The Hound, Gendry and Lord Varys come along with her. We get to see a family reunion of the Stark siblings with Arya delighted to see Jon and the dragons. However, Sansa looks disappointed with her brother along with others including Lyanna Mormont who are unhappy about Jon bending to the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys. Meanwhile, the three eyed-raven, Brandon warns everyone of the looming threat of the Army of dead.

Sansa feels Tyrion is naïve to believe that Cersie will actually support them in the battle. On the other hand, Euron Greyjoy is seen arriving with the ships of Golden Compass at the King’s Landing and succeeds in making an impression on the Queen. While Cersei makes Bronn of Blackwater in charge of killing both her brothers in case they survive at the end. Meanwhile, Theon finally rescues his sister Yara where she was forcefully held by their uncle and starts his journey towards Winterfell. But Yara chooses to stay back.

Back in Winterfell, Khaleesi is worried her dragons are not feeding well reasoning they do not prefer the North. She then makes Jon ride a dragon with her riding the second. When Daenerys informs about the death of Samwell’s brother and father to him, he is distraught.

However, the biggest revelation of the night comes when Sam tells Jon that he is Aegon Targaryen that is the rightful heir to the throne.

The anti climatic ends leaves many questions unanswered – What will Jon do now? Will he be able to break his pledge made to Khaleesi?

A message symbol is left by The Night King for everyone. The first episode ends with Jaime entering Winterfell and coming face to face with Bran, whom he had pushed and crippled as a kid.

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