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The very famous Landmark of Mumbai Prithvi Theatre which is now owned by the Kapoor family was at the time of independence a traveling theatre. In the fight for freedom, the theatre played an important role in order to spread Social awareness and message.

Prithvi: Theatre of Social Awakening

Many of the leaders choose theatre to convey their motive to the locals. Travelling theatre is a group of people travelling in different parts of the country in order to perform their act.
Prithvi Theatre was once was travelling theatre during the ‘90s. This theatre was set up by a very own Prithviraj Kapoor. Like any other struggling actor, he came to Mumbai in order to try his luck in the film industry.

The first play in this Prithvi Theatre was the remake of Shakuntala. But this was not it the play that bought him into Fame was Deewar. Deewar is a story e of two brothers who don’t share a good bond with each other hence conclusion there is a Deewar or a wall in between them. This play took place at the very famous Opera House of Bombay. This play indirectly gave a political message and demanded separation of India Pakistan. Prithviraj Kapoor was a member of parliament and was elected in the Rajya Sabha also.

One of Prithviraj friend wrote the very famous play Pathans the play was about Pathans and misconceptions about them. Prithviraj saw this through a political point of view and give it a shot the Prithvi Theatre later developed this play. This play later turned out to be a huge success.

In Mumbai itself, this play was played more than 600 times. It got recognition from all over the country. Plays like Gaddar and ahuti we are also a hit. Later many plays were played in this theatre and it continues your to spread the message of Patriotism. In recent years, some of Prithviraj iconic plays were remade. Prithvi Theatre still continues The Legacy of Prithviraj and his contribution to society.

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