Experience the best of theatre in some of the pre-eminent theatre venues.

Best places to watch Theatre in India

Theatrical performances are one of the performing arts that allow you to get a holistic art experience. Although there’s arguing with the fact that theatre is not everyone’s cup of tea, the fact also remains that if you at least watch it in an exceptional venue, you will learn to appreciate it. Watching theatre is an intellectual exercise which is enhanced by the lights that set the mood, the vast stage which becomes the actors’ playground and the actors’ performances that can make you feel a wide range of emotions in a limited time.

Various elements combine to leave you behind with an experience that is so exceptional that it remains ingrained in your memories for years to come. If you’re one of those looking for such an experience, here are the venues where you should watch your first play.

1) National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai: The NCPA is voluminous campus situated at Nariman Point. It was founded by JRD Tata and Dr. JamshedBhabha in 1969 with the primary goal to preserve the cultural pillars of the society – music, dance, film, theatre, literature and photography. Its 1,109-seater palatial theatre, the JamshedBhabha Theatre is one of the best theatres in the country.

2) KamaniAudtiorium, New Delhi: The Kamani Auditorium has been around for almost 48 years now and is still considered to be one of the most advanced space for performing arts in India. It is located in the cultural hub off Delhi, the Mandi House area of New Delhi.

3) Sir MuthaVenkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai: Home to The Hindu Theatre Fest for some years now, this massive hall is the preferred theatre destination owing to its state-of-the art amenities and facilities. It doubles up as an on-site art gallery and café.

4) Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai: This iconic theatre was built in the memory of yesteryear’s superstar, Prithviraj Kapoor. Built by his son Shashi Kapoor in 1978, the theatre has seen some of the best plays being enacted here. Prithvi café is an equally famous addition which draws musicians, singers, dancers, actors and any other art lover.

5) RangaShankara, Bengaluru: One of the more recent additions, RangaShankara opened its doors in 2004. The theatre has a strict ‘one play a day’ policy and promotes theatre in all languages. It hosts an annual theatre festival and this year’s festival is titled Festival of Laughter and Forgetting.