The Theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much more like life. –Arthur Miller

Everything you need to know about Modern Theatre

The Indian theatre has history of two thousand years. The one that we see today is highly influenced by not just British but also many colonizers so what we find today is just a potpourri of drama. It has drawn inspiration from varied sources. This genre is mostly an interesting mixture of Western Naturalistic drama, opera and several local element.

Today, theatre produces internationally acclaimed play-wrights like Vijay Tendulkar, Badal Sarcar, Dharmaveer Bharati, Mohan Rakesh and Girish Karnad, Chandrashekhar Kambar, P Lankesh and Indira Parthasarati, whose works have been widely performed and discussed. Due to these writers, theatre has managed to grab numerous audience and is gaining prominence.

In today’s times it revolves mostly around spreading a social message and making the masses aware. The message communicated to the target audience is well narrated to the spectators, and is liked and is able to make the rural audiences to think and analyze the issues and problems. So today majority of drama are based on spreading social awareness and making audience aware about on goings in the society.