Lights, Camera, Action! What’s a better way than starting your career!!

Theatre is the stepping stone for skilled method acting

In today’s times’ life is all about spreading a social message and making the masses aware of certain important facts. The message communicated to the target audience should be narrated so well that it touches the chords of even the rural audiences, to think and analyze their issues. So today the majority of the drama is based on spreading social awareness and making the audience aware of the ongoings in the society.

Being an actor means living a dual life – one The Real and another The Reel life. What could be more exciting? Ever imagined being the individual you want to be and just pretending perfectly in it. Be it a beggar to a billionaire or middle-class lady to model, whatever you want to be and you have it. Well, the question comes how? Where? Isn’t it evident enough that being an actor is an amazing feeling? But the quick question is – where do we start?

The theater we believe is the best available platform or foundation for every actor. The best part is that there is no double-take in theater and everything has to be on point. So for aspiring actors who are just out of the theater, or have a degree with dramatics, this provides the real cushioning.

Today, in theatre what we see is majorly produced by internationally acclaimed play-wrights like Vijay Tendulkar, Badal Sarcar, Dharmaveer Bharati, Mohan Rakesh, and Girish Karnad, Chandrashekhar Kambar, P Lankesh and Indira Parthasarati, whose works have been widely performed and discussed. Due to these writers theatre has managed to grab numerous audiences and is gaining prominence.

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