Manav Kaul the talented actor who has been receiving great accolades for his work in projects like Tumhari Sullu, City Lights, Badla, Thappad, and The Fame Game, is one of the finest actors in the Bollywood industry.

Not many know but Manav started his journey as a theatre person and soon spread his wings as he donned many hats, including those of a conventional actor, filmmaker, playwright, and author. His plays include Shakkar Ke Paanch Daane, Park, Baali aur Shambhu.

As per reports in First Post, talking about his journey, he said, “I’ve been doing theatre for a long time. The first play I did was in 1994, and from then on, it has been this art for me that I’ve grown to love because I’ve been doing theatre for most of my adult life, so by now, it is almost like a part of me. As for me, in every city that I go to, I make it a point to attend a play first. London, Paris, New York, you name the place, and the first thing I do after going there is watch a play because for me, theatre in every corner of the world is different and extremely local. It is representative of the place’s identity, and provides for cultural relativity so that you know the place better.”

He further added, “I do theatre because I love it. It excites me, not just performing, but also watching it. Theatre is not always about acting. I am also producing plays, making plays, writing them, and doing all sorts of things. Simply put, I am in every sense, a ‘theatre guy!’”

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