Young and talented actor Param Singh, who is known for his amazing acting chops in shows like Sadda Haq, Ghulaam, Mariam Khan: Reporting Live and Ishk Par Zor Nahi, is all set to entertain fans in an upcoming play at Royal Opera Theatre in Mumbai. The play is about realistic issues that exist in any family. It’s about how things we as a generation once disagreed with came to do the same as our parents at some point in life due to circumstances. In conversation with, the actor spoke about the play and more.

How was your experience doing a play?

I stepped back on stage after almost a decade last year. The experience was pretty much the same as the one in front of the camera for me because I love acting irrespective of where I am performing. I forget myself and like to think as the character and just do my part. I enjoy acting. I feel working in theatre is good because during the live performance one is constantly in the zone of the character they are playing.

What is the difference between working in a play and a TV show?

The difference between the two would be the way the two are executed and presented to the audiences. In theatre, one has to project a bit on stage if mics aren’t being used because people sitting far cannot see one’s expressions; they can only hear one whereas on TV we mumble due to the use of mics. In a play, the rehearsals go on for a month or two and the performance is devoid of any cuts or retakes once the light is set and has a definite end. On the other hand, in television one has to wait for their shot to come and the scripts for it change at times due to daily telecasts and other factors.

Which medium do you prefer Theatre or TV?

I prefer the cinema, which I haven’t even started… haha. On a serious note, I prefer both and playing good characters above all. I personally like to collaborate with people that are driven towards creating quality content that holds some essence or richness to itself.

What you learnt by doing a play? Any challenges?

I learnt how to tune my voice whilst doing a play. This is because when one is acting on camera, a mic is used and there’s an option to tone it up or down as needed. However, on stage, a person needs to project so that the audience can hear and sense the emotions of every scene going on. Initially, it was a challenge for me because I used to wonder if I am being too loud in my performance or if it looks like I am shouting but my director guided me on that front and explained that on stage one’s tone needs to be a bit high for the viewers to relate.

Any final message…

I just want my admirers to have a good life and do what they wish to do. I want them to be nice.