Gopal Dutt, the popular actor, began his career as a theatre craftsman in 1989 until he got his first role in Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. He appeared in the blockbuster Tere Naam, Samrat and Co., and also in the National Award-winning Filmistaan. He has been featured in several well-known web series from TVF, AIB. He is quite a popular face as of now.

We recently found an interview of Gopal Dutt at ibtimes, where he spoke about his experiences as an actor in the B-town. When Gopal Dutt was asked about his experiences in Bollywood as an outsider, he said, “So, when I came to Mumbai for the first time, I knew that it was going to be difficult but the confidence that I got from my theatre days at NSD, that yes, I can be an actor and I’ll understand the roles helped me a lot. I knew it will take time and I kept in working hard and tried to avoid the negativity that came amidst the journey.”

He added, “My first project was Farida Mehta’s film ‘Kaali Salwar’ based on Manto’s story. I was still at NSD and Farida was in Delhi and she asked me to meet after the completion of my course. So we met and I had a small role in the movie alongside stars like Irfan Khan and Surekha Sikri.”

He also talked about his theatre days, saying, “There are many stories from my Delhi theatre days… I could go on and on about them but surely the beginning of my acting has been from Delhi only… From the National School of Drama (NSD) to theatre shows, I have grown as an actor there. The teachers and the earliest shows there are all special and will always remain so.”