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Theatre being more preferred over cinema

Reasons why Theater is becoming more popular

In India theatre is performed since ancient times and has become an aesthetic thing. The most prominent theatre in the whole of Asia is Indian theatre. Sculpted by its colorful details, texture, storylines, drama, and richness, it is one of the most beautiful drama places for one’s entertainment. And the credits go to many writers, directors and all in the team who take efforts, thus making it enjoyable. Some of the most notable people are Satyadev Dube, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Sachin Gupta, Utpal Dutt, B.M. Shah, to name a few.

Theatre was the only source of entertainment before the birth of Indian cinema. It is now, one that is more opted over cinema. Who doesn’t like to see their favorite actors perform live! If given an option of choice between living and pre-recorded, obviously one would go for something live. It has more richness in it and makes the audience feel being a part of the drama.

On the other hand, cinema has a lot of editing and false reality and restricts its range of attachment. No wonder theatre is becoming more prominent than cinema and more and more people are slowly turning towards it.

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