In thus new age of comedy, stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu provides us stress-free and hilarious observations to laugh out hearts out.

Abhishek Upmanyu should be your next favourite comedian. Here’s why?

It’s the age of stand-up comedians and we all know at least a few stand-up comedy stars who rule our YouTube watch lists on any given day. However, there are those few unique comedians who always end up as the common denominators on the watch list of million viewers and maybe more! Young comedian Abhishek Upmanyu is one of those few comedians and a youth icon already.

He is somebody who can always bring a smile on someone’s face when they’re going through a tough time or even simply stressed. He is innovative as a comedian and makes sure that he modifies his content every other time, and keeps his audience very energetic with his enthusiastic nature and quick wit. Let us get some glimpses of his best moments on stage!

The typical breakup description of a teenager was one of his best gigs and it resonated all too well with his audience. And the experience was in fact so hilarious that we just could not stop laughing all through his gig. So the next time your friend suffers from a breakup, make sure to make him watch this particular episode.

The lifestyle contrast of Delhi and Mumbai people is another level of fun and Abhishek Upmanyu makes his insights engaging and entertaining at the same time; another lovable trait of this young comedian.

His take on children and how he retorted to his father as a kid was one of the most hilarious moments ever.

Okay, this is a sharp indication towards the tradition and custom we have been following, and makes us wonder if they are all truly to be followed so blindly?

This comedian is not just funny and witty but he also opens us to the world to questioning the age old beliefs that we have been sticking to.

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