The producer of the famous comedy show TMKOC talked about the replacement of Shailesh Lodha's character Taarak Mehta

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah producer Asit Modi opens up about replacement of Shailesh Lodha

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah completed its 14 years since the show’s launch a few days ago. On this occasion, the show’s producer, Asit Kumar Modi, was interviewed to share about the show’s journey. The producer talked about how keeping the show going after the launch was difficult. The most important part was to keep the whole cast together. However, Disha Vakani, Shailesh Lodha, and Munmun Dutta have already quit the show, and Raj Anadkat is keen to exit the show. And to Avoid this, he makes actors sign exclusive contracts.

In an interview with Indian Express, Asit Modi said, “Yeh contract isiliye hota hai ke agar aap sab Kuch karte rahoge… Audience ne jo pyaar diya, woh isiliye ke exclusive iss character mein dikhne mile. Yeh show yaha tak pahucha hai ussi ke karan. Agar yeh sab jo kalakar hai woh sab kuch karenge to show ki value nahi rahegi (Audiences have loved the show because they want to see these actors in these characters only. If they start doing everything, the show will lose its value).”

Talking about how he feels about actors leaving the show, he said in Hindi, (Translated to English)”When they decide to leave, trust me I am the most hurt. This is my family and I got them in the show. I try my best to understand what’s causing the despair and try to sort it out. This is a journey, some will stay and some will leave mid-way. However, I have never let ego issues cause trouble. All I have ever wanted is that everyone stays and enjoys success together. Even then if they want to leave, what do I do? The audience has given them so much love, and they too get upset when an actor leaves. I get messages asking why the character is not seen anymore. People even come up to me to say how they are upset about it. So we also have to take into consideration their emotions. I just want that we keep entertaining the world together as a family.”

Shailesh Lodha, who played the Taarak Mehta in the popular comedy show Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah also quit the show this year as he wants to explore more. Asit Modi, about his replacement, said, “I want to keep everyone together always. However, if someone feels that they have exhausted themselves on the show, and want to do newer things, I still request them to rethink their decision. If they are adamant in their decision, I cannot do anything. But that doesn’t mean the show will stop. Similarly, if the old Taarak Mehta comes back, that’s great, if not, we will have a new one. My only objective is to make our audience smile.”

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