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Satyadeep Misra speaks about his new web show Illegal

The actor within me is hungry for complex hued characters – Satyadeep Misra

Well-known film and web actor Satyadeep Misra went down memory lane when he played a lawyer in new Voot series Illegal, as he would practice corporate law for 11 years before dumping the black coat for the arc lights.

IWMBUZZ had a quick talk with Satyadeep, regarding the show, law profession and the web medium.

What is your character in Illegal?

While I can’t dwell much, all, I would is that my character who is an assistant of an idealistic lawyer (Piyush Mishra), changes track, bringing him into direct conflict with his mentor. He also has an independent relationship with the former’s wife.

Being an ex-lawyer yourself, your take on the Indian judicial system?

A lawyer will do whatever needed to save his client. With the Indian wheels of justice churning very slowly, many people lose hope. So if you still have faith in the blind lady of law, bid your time following your lawyer’s lead.

Do lawyers lead glamour’s lives as seen in the series?

Apart from page three attention enjoying top-end few, most remaining legal officers face a harsh life in hot, humid overburdened courtrooms. Money is too not good either. Let’s face it, any entertainment product requires spice. Even if you make a film on an air traffic controller who has a tedious yet critical job of guiding flight paths, their day will also end up looking sexy on-screen.

You’re doing lot more web (Smoke, Thinkistan and Bhram) than films of late, cinema vs web, your thoughts

This medium employs lots of talented actors and technicians, who were not getting their due on the big screen. Its content, by and large, is also much better; there are some negative exceptions as well. Even in the west a lot of good writers are making a beeline to TV and OTT. Cinema is reserved only for the big franchises.

Does offbeat content have better digital chances compared to Box Office?

Yes, take my last film, Tiger with Emran Hashmi . You can’t sell a content-driven concept as a catchy sexy thriller only to find to cine footfalls. It eventfully directly streamed on Zee5. I do not deliberately stay away from commercial potboilers. Bombay Velvet was classy B- Town fare, sadly it tanked. But yes, I like to live life on my terms. .Concept-driven (No One Killed Jessica, Turning 30 and Phobia) than spectacles driven scripts are my thing. The actor within is hungry for complex hued characters

Will the lack of on-ground promotions (lockdown) hamper Illegal’s chances?

As per me, the money spent on advertising is a waste. I will not watch a movie if you give it two stars or bring a top-notch cast to a mall. That might have worked 20 years back, but not anymore. Today thanks to social media, we know what actors do from morning to night, there is no aura left about them. The concept needs to be appealing, period.

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