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Are You Ahsaas Channa Fan? These Facts You Should Know About Her

Ahsaas Channa is one of the best digital sensations. Her face is well-known amongst the millennials of the country. She has been a pilot part of several TV serials, like Gumrah, Savdhaan India. She has wowed us with her acting aptitudes since she was a kid, and she was multi-talented. She slew her child roles as a boy, and we loved her in those characters. But with that, her fan following has become massive with time. And today we are up with some of her unknown facts.

According to the media reports, here we are up with some of her unknown facts down beneath, read follow.

1. If you have watched Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, and you remember that little boy, then you would be surprised to know, that the boy was Ahsaas herself. Also, the kid from “My Friend Ganesha”

2. She has been into the Television industry for a long time now and has done several commercials.

3. She walked with her own mum at Gitanjali Fashion Week.

4. She has also done several web series and has been a part of several video content of Girlyapa and others.

5. She is also a fitness freak and loves to follow her regular workout routine.

6. She loves animals, and especially a dog lover.

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