Candid chat with Ananditaa

Ananditaa of Bekaaboo has an international short in her kitty  

Ananditaa, who has impressed one and all with her acting in the trending ALTBalaji web series, Bekaaboo, has international plans. “I have finished shooting for a short film on a topic which, though is making headlines abroad, is yet to make an impact back home.”

“The Mexican director has collaborated with one person from the US and a desi. We are truly going global. I have been travelling abroad a lot this year and even took part in a fashion gig in Old Blighty.”

“Western filmmakers have great clarity of thought and also treat artists with a lot of respect.”

“The shooting of the Indie short was done in Lonavala. At first, we will make rounds of all major Indian film festivals (Goa and MAMI). Once it becomes a hit, we hope to convert it into a feature,” adds Ananditaa, who has also done other digital shows such as Inside Edge and Untag.

Talking about Bekaaboo, she says, “I am very happy to be part of this hit show. The best part is that I got to play various shades. At first Tina was a weak woman, taking a lot of abuse from novelist Kiyan (Rajeev Siddhartha), but later gets to show her confident self.”

When asked about the bold part of the series which was full of love-making scenes, she says, “My role was not that edgy except for a couple of them. At first I was uncomfortable, but then my producer (Vaibhav Modi) and director (Akshay Choubey) helped me on my way.”

She has no qualms about less screen space compared to Pooja and Madhussneha. “I always knew that I will only come in the fifth episode and will mostly only be seen in flashback scenes.”

“Girls need to understand that self-respect comes above everything else. Learn to love yourself first as only then can you really care for others,” she says before concluding.

Best of luck, girl!!

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