Faisu has more or less dominated all paradigms of the social media world. But, which individual looks better with the rising star

Arishfa Khan or Avneet Kaur: The rising diva who looks best with Faisu

We have an abundance of female superstars who look very good with Faisu. But, we’ve made it easier for you. It’s between Arishfa Khan and Avneet Kaur. So, you decide. Who should accompany Faisu in your quest?

Arishfa Khan is one of the quintessential parts of the Indian television circuit. She has starred in many shows like Veera, Uttaran, Meri Durga and Fear Files, as a child actress. Her name as an actress has been established quite well. And now she has started making a name for herself as a YouTuber and a social media influencer, and it is working. She has fans all over the world, especially in India. Her acting skills and ease in getting into roles are not the only things though. Her beautiful figure and her pretty eyes are also a very good reason for her to get where she is.

Avneet Kaur is the only eligible rival to Arishfa’s beauty at this point and she makes a pretty strong case for herself. Avneet’s credentials are very strong too. She first burst onto the scene as a dancer on the show ‘D.I.D. Lil’ Champs’ and then the only way was up, slowly making a name for herself as an actress and performing in shows like Meri Maa and Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga, to name a few. She even got great acclaim for her performance in the popular drama, Mardaani. But, of late, she has made a name for herself as a Youtuber and TikTok star. Her ability to dance has grabbed the attention of many and her good looks have struck a nerve with the audience around her. Maybe she can edge out Arishfa Khan with her good looks. She builds a strong case for herself as a fellow Youtuber. But does she have enough to surpass Arishfa’s beauty?

So, who do you think should be with Faisu? Arishfa or Avneet?

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