Take a look at some of Amit Bhadana’s best YouTube videos that’ll surely prompt you to subscribe to his channel.

The best Desi YouTuber Amit Bhadana Ashish Chanchlani

A 24-year-old from Noida topped the list of top YouTube content creators in 2018 with 11.8 million subscribers according to the YouTube Rewind 2018 report.

This report was released towards the end of 2018. And since then, the same 24-year-old has crossed 15 million YouTube subscribers with his latest music video grossing more than 42 million views in a matter of months.
This YouTube creator is none other than our desi YouTuber Amit Bhadana.

The best Desi YouTuber Amit Bhadana 1

What makes his accomplishment even more glorious is the fact that he’s been on the YouTube scene for less than 2 years. The law graduate hails from a middle-class background and started his YouTube channel behind his desi parents’ back. It was only once he started gaining popularity that he told his parents about the YouTube channel and he’s stuck to creating content since then.

One of the reasons why his videos are so popular with the Indian masses, majorly from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, is the fact that his characters and stories are inspired by real people and real incidents. This multitalented powerhouse not only writes his own scripts but also directs and edits his own videos on a wide variety of topics like the types of people you would meet in a bus and the story of every office and Indian sibling interactions and much more.

In fact, Amit Bhadana’s content creation game is so strong that he’s been awarded the Best YouTuber title at the Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival in Mumbai.

So, here’s some of his best work!
• Parichay: Amit Bhadana’s first official music video takes you through his incredible journey. He’s showcased his rapping talents here and any Indian who’s dared to follow his passion will relate to the rap.

• Types of People in a Bus, where Amit takes you through the almost comical characters that you come across in an Indian bus. This video has been watched over 47 million times.

• School Ke Woh Din: This is yet another video that has crossed the 46 million mark in terms of viewership and is dedicated to the place where most of us have some of the best memories!

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