Netflix's show Wednesday has been gaining much attention since its release. Know unknown facts about lead Jenna Ortega

Wednesday became Netflix’s most-watched show in 2022. The unique storyline and characters brought the show into the spotlight. Ever since the show is gaining popularity, one name often comes up is of the lead actress Jenna Ortega who plays the character of Wednesday Addams. The actress has been getting attention since the show’s success. The diva has a massive fan following, with over 27 million on Instagram. At the same time, you might be curious to know certain things about the star. And so here we bring you some unknown facts about Jenna Ortega.

Unknown Facts About Jenna Ortega

1) Obsessed With Stranger Things: The Wednesday star Jenna is quite popular now; the diva, in a chat with Talk Nerdy With Us, revealed that she is the biggest fan of the sci-fiction horror show Stranger Things. She said, “I follow everyone’s theories about the show, and I cannot get enough of it.”

2) Childhood Acting Debut: Jenna Ortega started her acting debut at the age of nine. She did her first role in 2012 in The Baby Bug series. In comparison, she has appeared in shows like CSI: NY, Days Of Our Lives, Iron Man 3, and others.

3) Voice Artist In Latina Princess: Jenna has made many contributions to the Latino community. Among which the most iconic is the voicing of the character Isabel in Disney Channel’s animated series Elena Of Avalor, which is about Disney’s first Latina Princess.

4)UNAIDS Ambassador: Jenna Ortega worked closely with UNAIDS to help raise awareness as her grandfather died due to AIDS. In an interview, she said, “I want to help eliminate the stigma of AIDS and get people talking about it. Make it normal. Bring it up. It’s a disease that affects all of us.”

5)Golden Globe Nomination: The Wednesday star is now nominated for the 2023 Golden Globe for best actress in musical and comedy TV series. Her performance in the show has made her reach this milestone.

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