Ayaz Ahmed talks about life post Santoshi Maa.

I am game for crime thrillers and shows with differentiated screenplay on the web – Ayaz Ahmed

Talented and thinking actor Ayaz Ahmed is looking for something radically different after his &TV mythological show Santoshi Maa wrapped up.

Says Ayaz to IndianWikiMedia.com, “With the opening up of the web space which fills the chasm between TV and films, I would be more than game for online crime thrillers or anything bizarre in terms of differentiated screenplays. The digital budgets are not funny and can give big films a run for their money”.

Is web not full of sleaze and abuse, we ask him!! “Not necessarily, there are many good shows around. But yes, there are few makers who try to take advantage of the lack of censorship and fill their shows with obscenity and swear, even when not needed. Having said that, if there is a creative need for gross stuff which turns off some, so be it.”

Ayaz who began his career with MTV Roadies 5 has also been part of the experimental psychological thriller film Moods of Crime.

The young lad admits that at first he was hesitant about carrying off Santoshi Maa with conviction because of its over dramatic and religious content. “But eventually I did so with elan. It went on to become my longest running show (500 episodes) which allowed me to have my own pad. I also enjoyed working with Rashmi Sharma Productions.”

Is mytho a safe bet as opposed to youth shows (Do Dil Ek Jaan and Kaisi Hai Yariyaan), which don’t have long shelf life? “I don’t think so, had that been the case every show would have had mytho elements. Each project has its own unique set of merits and demerits which determines success and Santoshi Ma was no different,” avers the actor.

There is also a different side to Ayaz, he is a budding Sufi poet. “It gives me freedom to be myself.”

Will the industry folks have time to appreciate the finer points of your knowledge? “I really don’t know and make a point to keep both separate, while on set I am an actor period.”

In addition to all this, he is trying to compile a book of his writings. “I need to pen enough deep stuff; till now some of them are not up to the mark. This is a long process, so no hurry.”

Ayaz, may you do well in your new ventures!!



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