When brand manager Rahul Subramanian left his cushy job to chase his passion, stand-up comedy. Here’s his story…

Get to know the new comedian on the block, Rahul Subramanian 2

Comic sketches and stand-up comedy has grown in immense popularity in recent times. Thanks to YouTube, you get a legitimate chance to pursue your passion and strike gold. Now, if you are one of those who follow the Indian Comedy scene, you might know about some of the most popular stand-up comedians that have popped up on the scene and have already made quite an impression.

Over the last few of years, one face that has emerged quite regularly on the comedy circuit is that of Rahul Subramanian.

Get to know the new comedian on the block, Rahul Subramanian 1

Mumbai-bred Tamilian Rahul Subramanian was one us, surviving the corporate world as a brand manager at Mahindra and Mahindra before deciding to give it all up for his one true love, Stand-Up Comedy.

One fine day, Rahul received a job offer at Godrej for a position he wanted. Naturally he was ecstatic about it. However, he then realized his heart just wasn’t in it anymore and declined the offer. After much deliberation and discussion with his elder brothers, he came to a conclusion. He set out doing what he loves best, comedy.
Rahul’s transition into doing full time stand-up had been slow and steady. For two years, he kept his day job while doing stand up gigs on the side.

Get to know the new comedian on the block, Rahul Subramanian

He absolutely bombed his first gig, went home crying but eventually found his feet and grew in confidence. Rahul started gaining recognition after winning stand up events like Virgin Pants, Canvas Laugh Club. The turning point came in when he partnered with his friend, Kumar Varun called ‘Random Chikibum’ and won the first ever YouTube Comedy Hunt competition.

There was no looking back since then for this young comedian who took a risk and living his happy life since then doing what he does best. More power to you, Rahul!

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