Candid chat with Mona Singh

Holi is one of my favourite festivals: Mona Singh

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s decked in white and gets a host of colours put on them. As the entire country unites to rejoices in the festival of Holi, ALTBalaji’s Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain actress Mona Singh too is celebrating the festival of colours.

Talking about her Holi plans and memories, she says, “Holi is one of my favourite festivals. I remember my dad, who was an army man, used to throw a huge party on this day. It used to start at 10:30 in the morning and we kids would revel in the celebrations right till the evening. My mother used to make gujiyas and jalebis at home. This has become a tradition that I follow every year. I’ve been in Mumbai for the past 14 years and Holi is a festival that I’ve always celebrated with my friends and this year I intend to do the same as well. We absolutely make sure that the colours we play with are eco-friendly/organic and we never use water at all. It’s mostly a dry Holi, but you’re sure to have a good time when you’re with your near and dear ones. It’s a day that I look forward to all through the year and I wish everyone a bright and colourful Holi.”

Happy Holi!

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