IWMBuzz tells you what Amit Bhadana feels about his journey, his fans, and a lot more. Read the conversation for more details

I love my fans more than anything else in this world – YouTuber Amit Bhadana

Over the last few years, the country has seen a tremendous boom in the digital space and the number of content creators who bring a smile on people’s faces with their content on platforms like YouTube has risen like anything. One such creator and sensation is Amit Bhadana who has earned a legion of fans for himself. In an interaction with IWMBuzz, he spills the beans about his quarantine routine, fans, content creation and a lot more. Read the conversation here.

Amit, how do you look at your journey so far?

It is fantastic and touchwood, I feel very blessed. In a country with so many people and so many talents, my potential has been recognized and am one of the reasons why people smile and feel entertained. What else can I ask for? It’s been a blessing till now.

What’s up with you at home during the lockdown?

Well, it’s a difficult situation for all and we are doing our best to come out of it. But then it is giving a lot of time for myself and my family most importantly. We are spending time together, eating together, playing together and gelling really well like before. I experienced this the last time during my childhood days. It’s special.

How do you manage to make every content work and why do you think people relate to your content so much?

Well, I feel the only reason why people relate to me and my content is that every time I make something, I make it thinking about the people and what they would like. It is never about what I would like to make. It is always about what they would want to hear and watch. So yes, touchwood that’s the case so far.

Lastly, you get so much amount of love from the fans. What do you feel about this special attention?

I am very very attached to the people who like me. I am here only for them and I can’t even imagine myself without them. I love my fans more than anyone else in the world. They are the ones who create a personality out of a normal human being with their love. I would request them to keep showering their love on me so that I can keep trying to do good work to entertain them and bring a smile on people’s faces.

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