Adii Sawant who goes by the name Dynamo Gaming is a twenty-three-year-old Indian YouTuber. He first started his YouTube channel in the year 2010. In the past ten years, he has gained vast fan following and fame through his channel. Adii’s YouTube channel has over 7.51 million subscribers, with a total of five hundred and sixty-two million views.

The name Dynamo Gaming has a significance in the Adii’s life. He used to watch a show of a famous magician called the Dynamo, being inspired by him Adii decided the name his YouTube channel as Dynamo Gamming. Before gaining fame Adii used to play games like GTA V, Apex and many more. It was not until the PUBG mobile live stream that made him popular. Addi loved gaming from a really young age. He set up his own computer with the very little resources that he had so that he could start gaming. During the start of his YouTube channel, in the first five years, he hardly got any views and his subscribers were also somewhat near to a hundred. It was the PUBG mobile game that changed his life upside down. His first live streaming vent viral and people started appreciating him and following him.

“Patt Se Headshot”, ”Baap Se Panga Nahi Lete Bete” are his famous dialogues that his fans love to hear. In conclusion, Adii Sawant is an inspiration to many. He did what he loved even though what he it didn’t seem as intellectual as reading a book or studying MBBS. He got success doing what he loved. So, readers, that’s the motto for the day do what you love and do it with zeal and passion