Let’s find out whose digital debut was more impactful, Nithya Menen or Dia Mirza

Nithya Menen Vs Dia Mirza: Whose Digital Debut Was More Impactful?

Web series has been our true love and fantasy during this global pandemic. And with this new normal of the digital shift, our finest and gorgeous Bollywood artists are all moving with their web debut. And two of them are Nithya Menen and Dia Mirza. And both of them are making us gaga with their web debuts. Let’s find out which one had more impact.

1. Nithya Menen

Her ever first web series debut with Abhishek Bachchan, Breathe-Into The Shadows, is love. The sequel series of Breathe is already getting all the hype for its obvious reasons. Nithya Menen played the role of Abha Sabharwal and played a pivotal role in the series. We have lined up the trailer for you!

2. Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza’s Kaafir is one of the finest web series of all time. With wonderful plot and story, the series has won hearts. And Dia Mirza has portrayed a different aspect altogether. We are extremely happy to see her in this new and unique incarnation of all time. Check out the trailer!

Now looking it at that, it seems both the series had a wonderful impact on the audience. But both the characters had portrayed a different role altogether, anyway. And we loved it!

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