IWMBuzz.com gets into an exclusive conversation with Veer Rajwant Singh.

Quitting my job and moving to Mumbai was the turning point in my life: Veer Rajwant Singh

Digitally well-acclaimed actor Veer Rajwant Singh, who is best known for ‘What The Folks’, videos of Filter Copy, Dice Media and Being Indian, needs no introduction.

His recurring presence in FilterCopy videos has been appreciated by audience.

In conversation with IWMBuzz.com, the actor spoke about his turning point in life and the growth of web platform.


How has your journey been so far?

The journey has been great. I started with Little Things, What The Folks Season 1 and 2. In between I did Reunion. I stepped on to stage when I was very young at the age of 7. I did Boogie Woogie for which I came down to Mumbai and I really liked the city. I never thought I could act but I joined theatre at a young age and so got very comfortable. I wanted to be part of film making. Never thought I would turn out to be a good actor.

Web is growing at a fast pace. What are your thoughts on it?

I agree that web has grown really fast. When we started, there were only few platforms. It started in 2015. Web really came into the picture and in the same year I entered the industry. In that way it has been good for me. It is basically another medium which is growing. Now, you don’t have to sit in front of TV to watch the show you like. You can immediately watch it on the go, on your phone.

How have you seen the growth of the digital platform?

Obviously, when we started we used to shoot with phone camera. As audience becomes larger you have to grow in terms of production value. Also make better content for the audience. Earlier we had a team of 10 people shooting the entire episode. Now, we have a good production team which indulges in the shoot of a particular episode. It has been a game changer and it all depends on the demand of the audience too.

How has your experience been working on the web-series What The Folks?

In the beginning it was just the same family I was working with. The crew, production and make-up team was the same; hence it was comfortable to work with the team. I see a lot of changes when it comes to Season 2. I had an amazing experience working on the series. My fans have always liked whatever I have done.

What has been the best compliment that you have received so far?

I feel good when audience understand what I want to convey as an actor. It is really overwhelming. When people tell me that after playing a character like Nikhil and switching to playing Baburao, both being relatable so that is one of the best thing. Audience find my acting real and I think I can sleep well with this compliment.

Tell us about the turning point of your life?

The first turning point in my life was when I lost my father and had to get into Haryana Government Service and served there for 9 years. Second turning point was when I decided to learn that and come to Mumbai. Third was when I started getting work. The most important thing that changed everything in my life was when I left my job and came to Mumbai. It changed my entire life.

Any regrets in life?

I think I should have taken this decision of not having a back-up. I was thinking that having a back-up will keep me safer and my family intact. Everybody will have something to go back to, but I regretted this later. When I left it, I really managed to move on. I was even asked why I want a back-up when I don’t have to go back to that profession. I could have taken the decision then, but its okay everything has a certain time so I think mine was thing.

Any future project

I have not signed anything currently. I am in Chandigarh to meet my sister after 7 years. I am just enjoying family time.

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