Created by Dice Media (Pocket Aces), the high-school comedy-drama is a story of two sidekicks as they experience love for the very first time

Amazon miniTV To Premiere Dice Media’s Coming-Of-Age Comedy-Drama Series ‘Crushed’ For Free On Amazon’s Shopping App

Amazon miniTV announces the premiere of a coming-of-age comedy-drama series – Crushed, which will be available for free on Amazon’s shopping app from 12th January. The series is in collaboration with Pocket Aces’ long form premium storytelling channel- Dice Media.

Set in the Hindi heartland of Lucknow, the six-episode series stars an ensemble of talented actors including Rudraksh Jaiswal, Aadhya Anand, Urvi Singh, Naman Jain, Arjun Deswal and Anupriya Caroli. Directed by Heena Dsouza and Mandar Kurundkar, and written by Avinash Singh, Vijay N Verma, Nishaad Javeri, Aayush Gaur, ‘Crushed’ is the story of a complicated yet engaging high school romance of two sidekicks, who navigate through the confusion and insecurities that come with experiencing their first love.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Pocket Aces, who are known for their entertaining stories that strike a chord with the youth. We always root for the underdogs and Crushed is one such interesting story which is not about the lead characters, but about their two side-kicks. This story will bring back high school nostalgia and we are eagerly awaiting its release on Amazon miniTV,” said Girish Prabhu, Head of Amazon Advertising.

“​​With Crushed, our aim has been to push the envelope by telling a compelling teenage love story based in a tier 2 city high school while staying true to the Dice DNA. First love is always special and we are confident that the characters and narrative of the show will resonate with audiences. Amazon miniTV has been extremely supportive of our creative vision and we look forward to the upcoming release of Crushed on the service.” said Akshata Samant, Showrunner, Crushed, Dice Media.